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Taking the Orff Approach to Heart:
Essays & Articles from a Pioneer of Orff in America

Cover of new ebook
Cover of Brasstown Press’ first ebook

Brasstown Press is excited to announce the forthcoming new book, launching in late 2014. A collection of essays and other written materials from Isabel McNeill Carley, it will be available in EPUB (Nook, iBooks, most other readers), MOBI (Kindle) and PDF formats.

Stay tuned for details about the release date.


Book Reviews! Orff Essentials Collection receives positive responses

Making It Up As You GoMaking It Up As You Go

“This collection of twenty-one essays from the pen of one of our most thoughtful pioneers is a landmark publication. … a collection to savour, to dip into and read in bits and pieces, or from cover to cover. It clarifies important, perhaps sometimes overlooked, understandings from the dawn of the development of Orff pedagogy and inspires belief in the model, and its ongoing relevance.”

Catherine West, Ostinato, Fall 2012. Read Entire Review here.

Recorder Improvisation and Technique  Recorder and Improvisation Technique 2  Recorder and Improvisation Technique 3

Recorder Improvisation and Technique

“Long-awaited new editions of invaluable material for music educators who teach recorder. …They provide the framework for a curriculum designed to develop comprehensive musicianship.”

Leslie Timmons, American Recorder, Fall 2012. Read Entire Review here.