Established by James & Isabel Carley in Brasstown, North Carolina in the 1970s, the  Brasstown Press publishes music compositions, editions and instructional materials.

In 2011, Anne M Carley, the founders’ daughter, edited, produced and published four books by Isabel McNeill Carley: new editions of Recorder Improvisation and Technique Books One, Two and Three, and a collection of Carley’s essays, entitled Making It Up As You Go. Brasstown Press was acquired by Chenille Books in 2013, and continues as an imprint of Chenille Books.

Isabel McNeill Carley
TheIsabel McNeill Carley first American Honors graduate of the Orff-Institut in Salzburg, Austria (1964), she was one of the founders of the American Orff Schulwerk Association and renowned teacher, composer and writer. A graduate of Queens College, Kingston, ONT with an MA in Music History from the University of Chicago, she edited the AOSA’s journal, The Orff Echo, for its first fifteen years. She retired from teaching in 2004 and died in 2011.

James Rea Carley
James Carley Earning his PhD in sacred music from Union Theological Seminary, New York, he became professor of church music at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN (1953-1973), founder of Children’s Choir Festival in Indiana, founder and director of James Carley Singers & Carley Consort, Indianapolis. After retiring in 1973, he established a community choir and annual concert series in his new home, Brasstown, NC. In his retirement he composed many unaccompanied songs to poems of many centuries. These have not yet been published. He died in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 2006 at the age of 97.